Gerry Crown (OAM) finishes 6th in the 2016 Peking to Paris Endurance Rally

  • Posted: 10 August 2016, Posted in general

    20160717_144243 (2)Crown & Andrews co-founder and Australian Toy Industry icon  Gerry Crown (OAM) driving  a 1974 Leyland P76  with Matt Bryson (navigator)  were placed 6th in the

    2016, 6th edition, Peking to Paris Motor Challenge  – 51 seconds behind the  leader.



    • 36 days and  13,650 km through some of the most beautiful and yet  inhospitable countryside you could imagine
    • 107 participants
    • millions of rocks


    • 40kms on  3 wheels with no tyre
    • one day lost due to loss of oil pressure
    • 1 Roadside crash


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