Partnership Crown & Andrews and Goliath Games

  • Posted: 12 May 2014, Posted in general

    Sydney,Australia- 2014,may 9th

    Crown & Andrews (Australian manufacturer and distributor of toys,games and puzzles} and Goliath Games (international manufacturer and distributor  oftoys  and games} are pleased to announce that Goliath Games has made a strategic investment in Crown & Andrews. Goliath is in a period of substantial growth with offices in Holland,Belgium, France,Spain,Germany,Poland, USA,Canada and Hong Kong. Goliath,as one of the top marketing toy companies in Europe,is becoming a real force in the USA as
    well with seven TV promoted games in Wal-mart this year.

    Gerry Crown will be staying on as CEO and Audrey New will continue as Sales and Marketing director. The business will continue to operate from the existing premises.
    Gerry told us “We are very pleased. AdiGolad,Goliath’s CEO,has been a long time friend.Goliath will bring a fresh and aggressive approach to our company”. Adi added: “I’ve always admired Crown & Andrews,we share many of the same products such as Rummikub,Rubik’s Cube and Wordsearch. We are confident this new partnership will ensure the continuity and growth of one of Australia’s most prestigious and best known toy and game companies. It will also give Goliath the opportunity  to expand into new products where Crown & Andrews are particularly strong, for instance high-quality jigsaw puzzles”.

    Next to Gerry Crown, who will continue in his current CEO position,as of June 2014 we will be looking for an ambitious general manager to continue the business’ growth in Australia.
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    About Goliath Games
    Goliath Games was founded in 1980 by Adi Golad,ever since the company has grown tremendously. Currently Goliath Games is one of the few remaining family-owned and run businesses in the world of toys and games.It holds offices in Holland, Belgium, France, Spain,Germany, Poland, USA,Canada and Hong Kong. The head office is located in the Netherlands, from where Goliath manages its export to approximately 60 countries world-wide. Goliath Games is an international manufacturer and distributor of a broad range oftoys and games (current examples include ‘Rummikub’,’Triominos’, ‘Rolit’,
    ‘Wordsearch’,’Pop the Pig’,’Doggie Doo’,’Gooey Looey’,and ‘Robofish’}.

    About Crown & Andrews
    Crown & Andrews was founded by Gerry Crown and Vic Andrews in 1961. It is one of Australia’s best known toy and games companies. They are one of the few companies in Australia that develop new products in-house and have successfully licensed Australian invented games around the world (current examples include ‘Compatibility’,’Sorts’, and ‘Deal or no deal’}. In addition to games,Crown & Andrews are Australia’s leading supplier of quality jigsaw puzzles, including ‘The world’s Most Beautiful Jigsaw Puzzles’ brand using images from world renowned artists and photographers.

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