• Age8 years and up
  • GenderBoys and Girls
  • Players 1 or more players


The origins of Educa Boras date back to 1894, when Borras Plana S.A. was founded

EDUCA is a leading brand and a guarantee of quality, setting the standards in both puzzles and educational games and is distributed in more the 75 countries around the world.  90% of all EDUCA puzzles are at their factory in Barcelona , Spain.  They have strict security and quality controls and use top quality, renewable and environmentally friendly raw materials.

From the original  concept, through the design, development, manufacture and marketing of its products, EDUCA BORRAS  “pulls out all stops to ensure they create fantastic products with our clients’  and consumer needs in mind”.

In addition, EDUCA BORRAS  offer unique services available nowhere else in the world. For example: the Lost Piece Service provides replacement jigsaw pieces, so even is a piece os lost puzzle fans can finish the job. This is done all via their website

This year, 2016, EDUCA are unveiling some new highly original images together with a complete facelift of the puzzle boxes. Modern boxes with colourful, eye-catching designs on which the jigsaw image  has been enlarged to really stand out. (NB: due to licensing distribution requirements not all product is available in all countries)

16745_01_med    16747_01_med      16771_01_med  16774_01_med


Visit  our following website pages  for the some great EDUCA Puzzles or head down to your local  stockist and check them out!!

  • 500pc
  • 1000pc
  • 1500pc
  • 2000pc
  • 3000pc
  • 4000pc
  • 6000 – 33,600pc (large puzzles)
  • 300XXL
  • Panorama series
  • Neon Puzzles
  • Coloured Black & White series


We bet you will love them and have a great time puzzling.


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