• Age12 years and up
  • Item number3001
  • GenderBoys and Girls
  • Size378x58x275mm
  • Players 1 or more players
  • Weight0.8 kg

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This is the 3rd  series of 4 puzzles by Chuck  and  since their release  have become  very popular with jigsaw enthusiasts ..  A delight to do , great to collect  and frame.


Spring brings refreshing warmth and renewal, as the last remnants of winter melt away. The glory of spring in the mountains led me to paint the “Inspiration Spring Meadows.” In the meadows under towering mountains lies a peaceful mountain cabin–the perfect sanctuary to get away from it all. A palette of rich pastels was used to illuminate the blooming dogwood trees, daisies, and abundant purple lavender flowers. I wanted to create a vibrant setting inviting both the viewer and all the hidden creatures, including eagles, butterflies, rabbits, and deer, to make their way out of the shadows to enjoy the sunshine and bounty of spring.

Chuck Pinson ImageDramatic landscape artist, Chuck Pinson, was born in 1978 and grew up in a small town  in North Carolina, United States. His desire is to create images that enrich and inspire the viewer. His professional art career began in 2008 after many years of research and experience. Since that time, his art has grown to be loved by a worldwide audience, who appreciate the visual beauty and imaginative daydreams the paintings bring into their lives. Chuck is most often compared to Thomas Kincade

The inspiration behind the paintings comes from a love of beauty, a passion for truth, and the desire to create images that communicate positive feelings and bring joy to others. Each painting begins with contemplation of the beauty found within 4 realms:  natural beauty, collective human experience, human engineering, and spirituality. This culminates in a vision for a new scene. Each layer of an oil painting takes many hours of concentration for a methodical refining of brush strokes, gradients, and detail. It usually takes several weeks of focus and concentration to capture one large detailed scene. Beyond the intricate brushstrokes of vibrant color and glowing light within his paintings, one can find heart-warming themes, such as nostalgia, escape, romance, natural beauty, faith, family, and the comforts of community.  In short, he calls it Art for Inspired Living.TM  The art of Chuck Pinson continues to grow in wide-scale popularity and is featured on many products around the world


  •  All Puzzles contain 1000 pieces and are 500 x 700 mm.

Collect them all:

–  A Moment on Memory Lane

– The Golden Valley

– Seaside Dreams






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