• Age12 years and up
  • Item number81929
  • GenderBoys and Girls
  • Size495x60x260mm
  • Players 1 or more players
  • Weight0.7 kg
  • EAN 9310281020651

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  The Rock, Uluru, Northern Territory

Seen from the air, the vastness of Australia´s most famous rockform is only too apparent. It dwarfs the tiny lines of road that run around its perimeter, towering over the surrounding plains with an awesomeness that stuns all travellers. Ironically, local indigenous restrictions bar me photographing this end of the rock from the ground. As one who has spent much time with Aboriginal communities over many years, I have enormous respect for their customs and culture. But I believe some indigenous claims are now going too far. Some are even trying to claim copyright over Uluru – just as if it were their own creation – and there have been increasing restrictions over access and artistic expression. However, as one of my tribal elder friends has so beautifully expressed it, no-one really “owns the land”. Rather, “The land owns us!” We would all do well to listen to his wisdom.


Ken Duncam OAMKen Duncan (OAM)  is one of the world’s leading exponents of panoramic landscape photography and spends much of his life travelling to remote and exotic locations.

Australian born photographer Ken Duncan (OAM)  captures the rich ochre reds of the outback, the turquoise blue of the sea and shadowed greens of the rainforest.

In this exciting range of high quality Ken Duncan Jigsaw Puzzles, we give you the opportunity to enjoy the splendour and the diverse character of Australia – from the cities to the wilderness.


Ken says “To really know a region you have to spend time absorbing its mood until you begin to relate to its mysterious and ancient rhythms”, says Ken. “I often have to return to a location again and again until I’ve captured the true spirit of the place. In that time spent waiting for the right moment, I have the opportunity to truly connect with the land. It’s amazing what you can learn about a place by just sitting in silence there.”

All photography by Ken Duncan © 2009 Divine Guidance Pty Ltd.


  • All Puzzles contain 748 pieces and are 830 x 310 mm.





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