Rubik’s 4 X 4

  • Age8 years and up
  • Item number01796
  • GenderBoys and Girls
  • Size123x123x150mm
  • Players 1 or more players
  • Weight0.2 kg



Sometimes known as RUBIK’S REVENGE it  is the 4x4x4 version of the famous 3×3 Rubik’s Cube

Following on from the fantastic response with the launch of our 3×3 Cube with tough tiles and a smoother mechanism Rubik’s decided to give the same treatment to the 4×4.This is a new welcome challenge for those of you clever enough to have mastered the original Cube.

The new 4×4 is slicker, faster and more robust due to the all new design.

The puzzle is made up of 56 small cubes on the surface. However, unlike the 3×3 Cube the centre pieces can move in relation to each other, making it even more difficult to solve than the original. For those who struggle to master this challenge – or simply lack the patience – just look up the easy to follow Solve it Guides online at


01796 RUBIK's 4x4 mixed


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