Rubik’s Junior 2X2 Cube

  • Item number21830
  • GenderBoys and Girls
  • Players 1 or more players
  • EAN 9310281090074











Finally, a Rubik’s puzzle that EVERYONE can solve it! It’s so easy, a monkey can do it!

Rubik’s Junior  is the perfect “FIRST” Rubik’s Cube for younger puzzlers and everyone else who finds the standard Rubik’s cube  a bit too challenging.



3 Ways to play –

Level 1 – twist and turn the cube to get all 4 yellow squares  back into   the same side of the cube!

Level 2 – next put the monkey faces  back together to get all on the blue side

Level 3 – NEW found challenge!! Solve the yellow side and the monkey face at the same time.

.  For ages 5 and up.




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