Rubik’s Speed Cube

  • Age8 years and up
  • Item number01539
  • GenderBoys and Girls
  • Size290x170x85mm
  • Players 1 or more players
  • Weight0.3 kg



Take speed solving to the next level with the spherical core, customizable springs and high-grade Cube Lube -The Speed Cube uses new tiles made of quality plastic to prevent fading, peeling, chipping or cheating . This revolutionary new design allows not only for faster turning parts but also balances fantastic corner cutting with no pop technology.

The core of the cube has a unique spherical design that ensures zero popping and minimum friction between the moving parts and cubes . Rubik’s Lube will allow you to maximize the cube’s potential and achieve record beating times.

The cube lubricant is made of high-grade silicon with the optimum viscosity to balance speed and longevity.

Never again will you pop doing a record time.

The Rubik’s Speed Cube conforms fully to all WCA rules and regulations and has been designed from the beginning with WCA competitions in mind.


01539 Rubik's Speed Cube - out of box


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