To master the iKnow game, players can’t rely on their wit alone. Players need to carefully balance their knowledge about the different game categories with how well they know the other players.

iKnow offers players a unique game experience. The clues lead the players step by step to the correct answer and give the players interesting insights into every single phenomenon in questions. iKnow’s two-pronged game mechanic makes it possible for everyone to have a chance to win, even without a mass of trivia knowledge. Just know what the other players will know, and you’re on your way!

During each turn, all the players are answering the same question and have the opportunity to earn points. Before any clues are read, players must determine if they will need 1-3 clues to successfully answer the question What sets iKnow apart from other trivia games is the unique wagering element. After the players have all determined how many clues they will need to answer a question, each player is required select another player and wager whether that player will be able to correctly answer the question.

Even if you aren’t the best trivia player at the game table, you can excel in an iKnow game by using your bluffing skills to lead other players to the incorrect answer or use your ability to read other players to determine if they will know the correct answer. To win, be the first player to accumulate 20 points.

Includes 400 cards (1,600 questions and 4,800 clues), Game board, 6 iKnow Tokens, 6 iBet Tokens, Category Token, 25 Black Game Chips, 25 White Game Chips and Instructions.

For 2-6 Players, Aged 15+.

  • Age
    15 Year and older
  • Number of players:
    2 - 6
  • Article number
  • Playing time
    45 min.

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