Welcome to the world’s super-simple, ‘shouty-outy’ family quiz game with anti-genius. It’s called Linkee and it does things a little differently to other games. The team behind Linkee originally created the game as a gift for friends and family. After fantastic feedback, Linkee decided to launch to the world in late 2012.

Since then it has all gone a bit bonkers as Linkee has been taking family parties, dinner parties and good old get-togethers by storm. To play, answer four questions, then work out what links those answers and shout Linkee! Get it right and win a letter, win enough letters to spell Linkee and you win the game. Simple!

For 2+ Players, Aged 14+.

  • Age
    14 Year and older
  • Number of players:
  • Article number
  • Playing time
    30 min.

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