One egg? One rubber chicken? One exploding hen house? What is this game? It’s giggling fun for children aged 4+! Roll the dice and then press on the chicken’s chest the number of times shown on the dice, and you’ll hear a funny “SQUAWK!” If she doesn’t lay an egg, then it’s the next player’s turn. But if the hen house opens, she’ll lay an egg that you get to crack open. Did the token inside land egg side up or chick side up? Egg side up: you’re out of luck this time, and it’s the next player’s turn. Chick side up: you get to collect a chick token. “Reset” the chicken and keep going until all six chick tokens are collected. The player who collects the most chick tokens is the winner! The hilarious squawking chicken sound effects make the game even more fun! Squawk! is completely kid powered, no batteries required! This game includes 1 rubber chicken, 1 hen house, 1 egg, 1 dice, 1 egg token, 6 chick tokens, and 1 Rules Sheet.

For 2-4 Players, Aged 4+.

  • Age
    4 Year and older
  • Number of players:
    2 - 4
  • Article number
Game rules

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