A GAME where you either find or attack and capture as many of your opponents flag or opponents pieces that they cannot make any further moves. The game board is your battlefield. You have an army of men at your disposal and six bombs. Your mission–protect your flag and capture your opponent’s flag. Secretly place your men, bombs, and flag on the game board with these objectives in mind. But remember your opponent is doing the same thing, so you must plan a defence as well as an offence. Once the armies are in place, advance your men. When you’re one space away from an enemy, attack. You and your opponent declare ranks. The lower-ranking man is captured and out of play.

You control your pieces and risk your men in battles where the strength of your enemy is unknown. The suspense builds as your men move deeper into enemy territory. Move with caution and courage. The next piece you attack could be a bomb. And when attacked, it could “blast” your man off the board and out of play. The first to capture an enemy flag is the winner!

For 2-6 Players, Aged 8+.

  • Age
    8 Year and older
  • Number of players:
  • Article number
  • Playing time
    45 min.

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