The World’s Most Beautiful 17th Century Double Hemisphere World Map by Pieter Goos Jigsaw Puzzle


The World’s Most Beautiful Antique Maps are treasure troves of detail and interest at a time when much of the earths surface was still undiscovered. They provide us with a view into a world which was full of superstition and myth, and yet at the same time, in search of enlightenment and reason. The world they represent is a world full of assumptions and false certainties combined with the air of superiority of the dominant European civilization of the time.

A beautiful old colour example of Goos’ decorative map of the World and one of the most sought after of all dutch world maps from the 17th century. Pieter Goos sea atlases were among the finest printed in the world at the time and his general map of the world is of equal quality. The two expertly engraved hemispheres closely follow the work of Visscher and Blaeu. A host of birds are shown flying into a resplendent sun. Beneath, a set of allegorical figures represent the four seasons shown with various other figures. Dated: 1666

For 1 Player, Aged 12+.

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    12 Year and older
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