The Chuck Pinson Collection Seaside Dreams


The World’s Most Beautiful The Chuck Pinson Collection 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Seaside Dreams 12+ 1 “Born in the late 1970’s Chuck grew up as a part of a tight knit family, the second of three sons, in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Although influenced by the work of The Hudson River School Painters, G. Harvey and several other painters, Chuck is most often compared to Thomas Kinkade. Chuck’s inspiration comes from the love of beauty, a passion for truth and the desire to create images that both communicate and bring joy to others.

Seaside Dreams
To sit by the ocean, feel the breeze, and hear the rhythm of the waves, is my idea of a great vacation. For this painting called, “Seaside Dreams,” I imagine the sun shining through pink morning clouds to illuminate an emerald sea, crashing waves, and blooming flowers. The sand and stone paths invite us to imagine ourselves walking around the hillside to settle along the pristine beach, explore the charming lighthouse and perhaps spend a night or two at the keeper’s cottage.

” When complete, this 1,000pc jigsaw puzzle measures 700mm x 500mm and is ideal for framing.”
For 1 Player, Aged 12+.

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    12 Year and older
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