The World’s Most Beautiful Double Hemisphere World Map by Henricus Hondius Jigsaw Puzzle


The World’s Most Beautiful Antique Maps are treasure troves of detail and interest at a time when much of the earths surface was still undiscovered. They provide us with a view into a world which was full of superstition and myth, and yet at the same time, in search of enlightenment and reason. The world they represent is a world full of assumptions and false certainties combined with the air of superiority of the dominant European civilization of the time.

This famous map of the world known as Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Graphica ac Hydrographica Tabula was created by Hendrik Hondius in 1630. The following year, it was published in Amsterdam in the atlas Atlantis Maioris Appendix and in the Atlas Sive Cosmographicae. Among its claims to notability is the fact that it was the first dated map published in an atlas, and therefore the first widely available map, to show any part of Australia. The only previous map to do so being Hessel Gerritsz’1627 Caert van’t Landt van dÉendracht which was not widely distributed or recognized. The Australian coastline shown is part of the west of Cape York Peninsula, discovered by Jan Carstensz in 1623. Curiously, the map does not show the west coast features shown in Gerritsz’ Caert. Dated 1630.

For 1 Player, Aged 12+.

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