The World’s Most Beautiful Ken Duncan | Whitsundays, QLD


Ken Duncan (OAM) is one of the world’s leading exponents of panoramic landscape photography and spends much of his life traveling to remote and exotic locations.

Australian born photographer Ken Duncan (OAM) captures the rich ochre reds of the outback, the turquoise blue of the sea and shadowed greens of the rainforest.

In this exciting range of high-quality Ken Duncan Jigsaw Puzzles, we give you the opportunity to enjoy the splendor and the diverse character of Australia – from the cities to the wilderness and beyond.

The night before this photo, we had been camping at Airlie Beach. We were with the boat operator who was going to take us to our location. The weather looked very unpromising and the skipper said we would be wasting our time going out the next day. Then, that evening, he happened to show us the movie “Pulp Fiction”. It was a crazy film, but it had this great scene in it where the two hit-men escape what looks like certain death. “What happened here was a miracle!” exclaims one of them after their survival, but the other is reluctant to admit anything but a really lucky coincidence. Anyway, the next morning we set off with our boat operator still saying the weather looked hopeless. But I was ready to believe – and the closer we drew to Whitsunday Island, the more the skies cleared! I couldn’t help but bring up the ‘miracle’ line of the previous night as I shot one of my all-time best photos of Whitehaven Beach. The skipper just looked at me a bit sheepishly while we looked out on a glowing sea and a wonderful blue sky!

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