OK Play


It’s OK Play! Take your tiles anywhere and play with anyone! Just create a line of five in your colour to win –easy! Or at least it would be if it weren’t for the other players! Now you’ll have to worry about three opponents trying to sneak their line of five, a board without any boundaries and the possibility of tiles moving position at the end of the game. As you’ll soon find out, it’s a game that’s easy to learn but tricky to win.

One player starts by putting down one of their tiles. The next player puts a tile down next to it. (It must line up side by side – no corners on corners!). Keep taking it in turns to put down tiles until a player has successfully scored a line of five. These can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Run out of tiles? Here’s where it gets extra tricky. Take it in turns to re-position your tiles one at a time until a player has won.

For 2-4 Players, Aged 8+.

  • Age
    8 Year and older
  • Number of players:
    2 - 4
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