Test Match


The original and authentic, all action cricket game! Bringing the excitement of all forms of cricket (Test, One Day, 20/20) to your own family room! The overarm bowling can be fast or slow. A heavy ball is now standard to enable easier and more accurate batting. The batsman works with a trigger action for a faster response and the fielders can even “catch” the ball between their feet! Create your own teams for some great cricket action and watch every ball and run from your very own VIP lounge. Best of all, it’s guaranteed not to get washed out!

1 x Boundary Rope
1 x Cricket Pitch
1 x Instructions
1 x Set of Score Sheets
1 x Spring Loaded Bowler
1 x Trigger Action Batsman
1 x Wicket-Keeper with Wicket
2 x Heavy Balls
4 x Standing Fielders
5 x Crouching Fielders
8 x Boundary Rope Holders

  • Leeftijd
    6 jaar en ouder
  • Aantal spelers:
    2 - 22
  • Artikelnummer

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